Simple but Deep-
Experience the Cha-Kaiseki world at “TEN JIN”

TEN JIN's beautiful Japanese garden beautiful cherry blossom lotus in TEN JIN's Japanese garden plum in full bloom traditional gate of TEN JIN TEN JIN's Kaiseki cuisine a dish served in a bowl cuisine TEN JIN's bento dragonfly on a lotus

TEN JIN is a traditional Japanese Cha-Kaiseki restaurant with a beautiful Japanese garden
full of greenery in a quiet mountain area in Hiroshima.
You can enjoy the finest cuisine at a century-year old house feeling good old Japan and the seasons.

Our chef’s career for having been cooking for Ueda Soko Ryu (grand master of Japanese tea ceremony)
improves the perfection of the cuisine with seasonal ingredients produced in Hiroshima
and completes a simple but deep Cha-Kaiseki world.

The most important policy of hospitality of Japanese tea ceremony is “once-in-a-life-time opportunity”.
Tenjin values it and conveys ancestors' consideration and good wisdom to guests through cuisine.


Okami, a restarurant hostess

Welcome to TEN JIN. I am Aiko, a hostess. I will guide you around and introduce our restaurant.

cherry blossom near the gate

Seno, where TEN JIN is located is a nice place for enjoying beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.
There is also a famous place known as a fireflies viewing spot in early summer.
In fall, autumn leaves and a moon viewing will impress you.

Please proceed.

inside the gate

waiting room

This is a waiting room called Yoritsuki.
Please make yourself at home here.
Seasonal exhibitions and sale of artworks are sometimes held in this room.



Interior and Seats

Now I will show you up your table.
You can see a beautiful Japanese garden from a room feeling four seasons not only with your sight but also with hearing.
Japanese style room is also available.


About Kaiseki

Now let me start. There are two types of Kaiseki cuisine in Japan.
One of them is 会席. This is a simplified version of a high grade full course Japanese cuisine
which is served for a formal occasion such as a wedding ceremony. It is served mainly for a banquet.
The other is 懐石 which TEN JIN serves. It is a cuisine for enjoying tea and the course is designed very simple
in order to meet this purpose.
懐 = inside pocket 石 = stone. The words came from the story that Zen priests used to hold warm stones in their pocket
to relief a hanger during their spiritual practice.
懐石 was developed being closely combined with tea ceremony.


Now dishes are ready.
After having a meal, you can enjoy Matcha green tea and Japanese sweets.

Tea Cerenomy

After a meal I will take you a tea room.
You can reach there via our beautiful Japanese garden full of sense of four seasons.
In rainy days “Roji-gasa” (a bamboo hat) adds a taste.

a bamboo hat used in a rainy day

Can you hear voices of a nature?
You can find lotuses, daffodils, camellias and plums etc.
Wild birds sometimes visit us and frogs are singing in summer.

This is a room for Tea Ceremony.

tea room 1

tea room 2

“Yobanashi” a special Tea Ceremony

A traditional Japanese tea ceremony held at night in winter season with only a candle light, such as the one used to be enjoyed in 1600’s. Please contact us for more details.

Yobanashi Tea Ceremony

News from TEN JIN

Tenjin offers a variety of seasonal events. For more details please check our Facebook page.

to TEN JIN's Facebook page


Our chef and I have been doing our best together for our guests over 30 years.
Now times are changing. I am often perplexed by overabundance of information, such as internet, SNS…

But spending days in a great nature enables me to feel each season with five senses
and I learn lot of things from a passing season change.

Rationalism may be sometimes important but rest for a while…
We value ancestors' consideration and good wisdom and convey them to next generation through our cuisine.
If you can experience such a culture through Cha-Kaiseki even for just a bit, that is our wish.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you together.